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The American Arbitration Association (AAA) provides services to individuals and organizations in the field of alternative dispute resolution.  The AAA provides administrative services in the U.S., as well as abroad through its International Centre for dispute resolution.

AAA is the nation’s largest full-service alternative dispute resolution provider, addressing disputes involving, but not limited to, employment, intellectual property, consumer, technology, health care, financial services, construction, and international trade conflicts.¬† The Association also provides elections services as well as education, training, and publications for those seeking a broader or deeper understanding of alternative dispute resolution. ¬†American Arbitration Association University offers both online and offline courses on topics that include domestic and international arbitration and mediation.

The AAA role in the dispute resolution process is to administer cases, from filing to closing. Its administrative services include assisting in the appointment of mediators and arbitrators, setting hearings, and providing users with information on dispute resolution options, including settlement through mediation.

The AAA is more than a clearinghouse for arbitration and mediation rules and information. Its alternate disputes redressal resources–the panel of neutral arbitrators and mediators, the AAA rules, case administration services, as well as education and training services–provide cost-effective and real-world solutions to counsel, business and industry professionals, employees and government agencies, as well as consumers.


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