American Bar Association

American Bar Association (ABA) is the largest voluntary professional association in the world.  The Association provides law school accreditation, continuing legal education, information about the law, programs to assist lawyers and judges in their work, and initiatives to improve the legal system for the public.

With more than 400,000 members, the ABA aims at serving its members, our profession and the public by defending liberty and delivering justice as the national representative of the legal profession.

ABA’s initiatives include the following:

  • Promotion of full and equal participation in the association, legal profession, and the justice system by all persons
  • Eliminate bias in the legal profession and the justice system.

The following entities focus their work on fulfilling ABA’s initiatives:

  • Center for Racial and Ethnic Diversity
  • Commission on Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Profession
  • Council on Racial and Ethnic Justice
  • Presidential Advisory Council on Diversity in the Profession
  • Commission on Mental and Physical Disability Law
  • Commission on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
  • Commission on Women

The ABA also supports a variety of charities that benefit and support the legal profession American Bar Endowment (ABE); Fund for Justice and Education (FJE); American Bar Foundation (ABF); Legal Market Research are a few examples.  Apart from this, the ABA Market Research Department conducts market research and provides statistics and research on lawyers and the legal profession.  ABA’ electronic press room offers resources for reporters covering law and legal affairs.

Contact Information:

Chicago Headquarters:

321 North Clark Street

Chicago, IL 60654-7598


Service Center: 800.285.2221

D.C. Office:

740 15th Street, N.W.

Washington, DC 20005-1019


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