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The American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA) is a national bar association constituted primarily of lawyers in private and corporate practice, in government service, and in the academic community.  The AIPLA signifies a wide and diverse range of individuals, companies and institutions involved directly or indirectly in the practice of patent, trademark, copyright, and unfair competition law, as well as other fields of law affecting intellectual property.  AIPLA members represent both owners and users of intellectual property.

AIPLA was formed in 1897 to retain a high standard of professional ethics, to aid in the improvement in laws relating to intellectual property and in their proper interpretation by the courts, and to provide legal education to the public and to its members on intellectual property issues.

AIPLA is managed by a Board of Directors and has a staff of 21.  This association is administered by an Executive Director, located in Arlington, Virginia.  AIPLA has approximately 45 administrative and substantive committees that provide education to its members and formulate proposed positions for the Board of Directors to consider adopting as Association policy.

To qualify for membership, applicants must be members in good standing of the Bar of a court of record of the U.S. or any state.  Foreign affiliate members are able to practice in a court of general jurisdiction in their countries to be considered for membership.  AIPLA also has student memberships available for those regularly enrolled in a law school approved by the Association of American Law Schools.  AIPLA membership is also available to patent agents who are registered with the USPTO.  Approximately 63% of the regular members are in private practice, 33% in corporate practice, with the remainder in the government or academia.

There are three AIPLA conferences in a year and at which the association offers educational seminars on the latest developments in intellectual property law.  Moreover, AIPLA conducts several stand-alone seminars on specialized areas of intellectual property law throughout the year around the country, as well as online educational programs.

AIPLA publishes informative publications such as AIPLA Quarterly Journal, and AIPLA Bulletin.  The Association provides an online access to the members to its membership directory.  Moreover, AIPLA biennially publishes the Report of the Economic Survey, providing a significant benchmarking tool for compensation and charges in the intellectual property law field.

AIPLA is also actively involved in shaping US intellectual property policy through its work on legislation, federal regulations, and intellectual property cases in the US courts.  Internationally, AIPLA has spearheaded a worldwide campaign to reduce the costs of procurement and enforcement of patents and trademarks, regularly participates in meetings of the Word Intellectual Property Organization, and maintains close relations with foreign IP officials and practitioners.

AILPA is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia and it has more than 17,000 members.

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