American Masters of Laws Association (AMOLA)

American Masters of Laws Association (AMOLA) is a non-profit organization.  AMOLA was formed on the 21st of March 2002.
AMOLA has global operations with the goals such as: facilitating and supporting legal research and education; stimulating the involvement of the legal community, government and others in the evolution of law; educating the legal community, industry, government and institutions of higher education concerning the advances in law; promoting education in law; providing a forum for the exchange of knowledge, and to stimulate collaboration among organizations and individuals in pursuit of knowledge in furtherance of the law.
AMOLA is composed of members of the legal community. Mainly, the membership   of AMOLA consists of attorneys from around the world that the persons have obtained or are in the process of obtaining their Master of Laws (LL.M.) degree.
AMOLA started Illegal Alien Legal Education Initiative program in January 2003 in the Washington, D.C. area.  This program is aimed to provide the non-inspected migrants or illegal aliens an opportunity to integrate fully in society by providing them an education of the laws.  AMOLA started an e-law library project in October 2002 for public use.


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American Masters of Laws Association

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