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American Pro Se Association

American Pro Se Association (APSA) is a non-profit organization.  APSA has certain missions, such as:

  • To enable a person, who is equipped to use a computer to do much of the groundwork and save on attorney hours so as to be able to afford a reasonable defense and not lose by default for lack of funds.
  • To improve the quality of pro se papers and to thereby help the courts deal better with the administration of justice.
  • Enlightening the public as to alternative and lower cost options of dispute resolution — such as arbitration and mediation.
  • To enable attorneys to help persons, who would not otherwise be able to afford a legal defense, without placing the attorney in the difficult economic position of pro bono demands that must be severely rationed as contrasted to efficient and economic paid for pro se assistance.
  • To confer with appropriate court personnel — such as assignment judges and others — to improve the orderly and fair administration of justice and correct unfair practices that have crept into the system.
  • To operate with unpaid officers and other volunteers to insure true dedication to help others rather than the pursuit of money.
  • To engage in such necessary related activities and efforts to further the peaceful and just resolution of disputes and the protection of citizen’s liberties in keeping with the Bill of Rights of the U.S.

Legal professionals are entitled to be paid for their time, generally in big numbers.  As a consequence many people are forced to proceed Pro Se (Latin term means: “For Self”) or they may be involved in a minor matter where the cost of engaging an attorney might be more than the matter is worth.  APSA helps a person in organizing and drafting one’s the initial papers to present the material to the attorney. Thereby the person can: (1) cut down on the billable hours of the attorney to learn and pursue the issue; (2) avail a better understanding on the related legal aspects for a better interface with their attorney; and (3) help the attorney by providing a better understanding and pursue the case.

Moreover, there are also many types and values of cases that are better and more economically pursued as a Pro Se so long as one has their papers and the matter reviewed by a local attorney — to make sure one is not making a big mistake — before filing and serving such papers.  The free service of APSA is useful to identify what materials might be of value; where to find them and how to start organizing the file.

American Pro Se Association

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