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The history of the Dominican Bar Association (DBA) begins with the large migration of people from the Dominican Republic to the City of New York that occurred in the 1960’s and 1970’s.  As the number of Dominican lawyers in the city grew, the need to establish their own formal organization became apparent.  The first organization of Dominican lawyers formally incorporated in the State of New York was the Dominican American Lawyers Association (DALA) in 1982.  In 1996 the organization was renamed the “Dominican Bar Association, Inc.” to more accurately reflect its membership, identity and purpose.

Since its creation, the Dominican Bar Association has demonstrated a commitment to furthering the legal interests of all Latinos and Dominicans in all facets of the community. DBA’s efforts have consisted of providing pro bono legal clinics for members of the public, assisting law students by providing scholarships and mentoring, facilitating communication between the bar and the judiciary and actively participating in judicial screening panels to name just a few activities.

DBA aims:

  • To increase professional opportunities for Dominican-American, native Dominican and Latino attorneys in the U.S. legal profession;
  • To assist native Dominican lawyers and attorneys of other nationalities in meeting the requirements for the practice of law in the U.S., including assisting foreign attorneys in obtaining the foreign legal consultant license issued by the Court of Appeals of the State of New York and its counterpart in other U.S. states;
  • To assist in the recruitment and retention of Dominicans and Latinos in U.S. law schools and provide students with mentoring, scholarships and other assistance;
  • To partner with other bar associations, governmental agencies and community groups to foster greater participation in the U.S. legal system by the Dominican and Latino communities; To address issues of concern to the Dominican and Latino communities in the U.S.;
  • To safeguard the civil rights of the Dominican and Latino communities and to empower said communities to fully participate in American society through public education and outreach; and
  • To ensure fairness and diversity in Judicial appointments by serving on various judicial screening panels and committees.

Members of DBA gets opportunity to attend DBA sponsored CLE courses at no cost or reduced rate.


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