Lawyer Pilots Bar Association

Lawyer Pilots Bar Association (“LPBA”) is an international non-profit association of individuals who share a common interest in aviation, aviation safety and law.

In 1959, Alfred Rathblott formed an association of flying lawyers called Legal Eagles Association.  In 1965, by amendment to the Articles of Incorporation, Legal Eagles Association became a bar association and name changed to Lawyer Pilots Bar Association.

Most of the LPBA’s members are attorneys and pilots (or former pilots).  But, being an attorney or a pilot is not the requirement for membership in LPBA.  Membership is opened to 1) licensed attorneys who possess or have held airman’s certificates or 2) Individuals, including law students, who have interest in aviation law or aviation safety.

The purposes of LPBA are:

  • to encourage the knowledge and understanding of aviation law;
  • to promote spirit of association within legal profession who has interest of both lawyer and a pilot;
  • to promote cooperation with governmental and other organizations so as to enhance general aviation safety and to offer to both governmental and civil agencies, the special knowledge and skill of members;
  • to promote continuing legal education of lawyer members;
  • to publish articles and provide members with information regarding developments in aviation and the law.


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