Lawyers without Borders

Lawyers without Borders (‘LWOB”) are a not-for-profit corporation of volunteer lawyers from around the world who are ready to offer pro bono service to international projects and initiatives.  LWOB brings lawyers together from around the world to support rule of law, economic development, peace building and sustainability in the legal sector throughout the world.

LWOB is formed in January, 2000 to create a global association of lawyers committed to Pro Bono service, both In U.S. and abroad.

Members of LWOB are volunteer lawyers, students, law firms and other professionals who are ready to offer legal services to non-profit organizations.

Mission of LWOB is to

  • protect the integrity of legal process,
  • serve the underserved,
  • and promote the culture of pro bono service in the legal profession.

LWOB fulfills its mission through advocacy training, cultivating lawyer skills, neutral observation and engagement in programs that provide technical assistance in developing regions and regions emerging from conflict.  LWOB provides a link between nonprofit and community based organizations working with low-income.  LWOB supports underserved and disadvantaged individuals in the need of pro bono counsel.


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