Matters to Consider

Matters that should be considered in drafting the articles of association and/or bylaws for an association or a club are the following:

  • Name of association or club.
  • Purpose or purposes for which it is formed, e.g., a specific or primary purpose as well as other general purposes.
  • Determination of organization as nonprofit or profit.
  • Location and complete address of principal office.
  • Powers of the association.
  • Form of government.
  • Names and addresses of first members.
  • Titles and numbers of members of governing body.
  • Duties of officers.
  • Meetings of governing body.
  • Quorum requirements for conduct of business.
  • Appointment and duties of committees.
  • Membership criteria.
  • How a person is admitted to membership.
  • Suspension or expulsion of members.
  • Termination of membership, including provisions for notice and hearing of charges against a member.
  • Meetings of association, including the time and place of meetings, the manner of giving notice, and quorum requirements.
  • Authorization to adopt bylaws or regulations.
  • Manner of amending bylaws or regulations.
  • Manner of articles of association.
  • Procedure to amend the articles and bylaws.
  • Manner of dissolution.
  • Distribution of assets on dissolution.

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