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Multilaw was founded in 1990.  It is an association comprised of selected independent law firms that will work together to meet a client’s international needs.  Each member can seek help from other members depending upon the needs and best interests of the client.

The purpose of Multilaw is to assist and support its member firms in the development and improvement of their practices through a variety of resources and programs.  Multilaw evolves and changes in response to the needs of members so that the members can provide best legal services for their clients.

Multilaw provides “Multilaw Data Privacy Solution” for the clients.  It consists of:

  • Summaries of data privacy laws by jurisdiction,
  • Appendix containing copies of each jurisdiction’s statutes, regulations, legal directives,
  • List of enforcement agencies by jurisdiction and contact information,
  • Model forms of documents, notices, disclosures, adequate protection standards for each jurisdiction.



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