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The National Association for Law Placement (NALP) was founded in 1971, to facilitate legal career counseling and planning, recruitment and retention, and professional development of law students and lawyers.

NALP maims at providing vision and expertise in research and education for legal career counseling and planning, recruitment, employment, and professional development.  NAPL works to promote the full range of legal career opportunities and to foster access to legal public interest and public sector employment.  It advocates for diversity in the legal profession and in our membership.

Any bar association, non-profit public interest organization, government agency, or any other employer engaged in the recruitment of lawyers and law students primarily for employing them within its individual organization is eligible to become a member of NALP.  Legal search firms and consultants are not eligible for NALP membership.  Law schools accredited by the American Bar Association; or any law school in a foreign country whose admission to membership is approved by the Board of Directors can be a member of NALP.  As part of the membership benefits, NALP members receive a wide variety of resources that will enhance their efficiency and effectiveness.  All NALP members would receive NALP’s monthly newsletter that provides information on current recruitment and career services issues.  It is an excellent means of sharing information with hiring partners and deans.  Members also receive “NALPnow,”a biweekly e-mail newsletter that provides important information and timely updates.  The NALP Directory of Legal Employers features information on the hiring criteria and practice areas of more than 1,700 employers nationwide.  It is an indispensable recruitment tool for employers and an invaluable reference for all members.  The NALP Directory of Law Schools provides information about interview scheduling, class profiles, courses of study, grading scales, and special programs at ABA-accredited law schools across the country.  All members are eligible to join NALP’s Sections, Work Groups, Advisory Groups, Committees, and the related e-mail discussion lists.  NALP also offers special reports discussing important benchmark information on salaries, benefits, and duties of professionals in the legal career planning field to its members.  Members can also enjoy reduced rates at the NALP Annual Education Conference and special discounts on a wide range of additional resources.


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