National Association of Public Interest Lawyers

National Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (NAPIL) has been formed with strong focus on creating and making available a comprehensive and easily accessible directory of personal injury lawyers nationwide to the general public seeking a remedy for their personal injury.  It works to improve access to personal injury lawyers and their services for everyone living within the national borders.  NAPIL aims at fostering an environment of fellowship and free exchange of ideas among member personal injury lawyers for a better understanding of personal injury laws, and acts as a source of information for the public, media and legislators in support of the personal injury litigation, thus promoting justice for the aggrieved.

Any personal injury lawyer or law firms engaged in representing plaintiffs in personal injury matters interested in expanding practice, can become a member of NAPIL.  Once the registration process is completed, company and members create a profile to be placed on the NAPIL website for the general public to access. It would describe the member’s services when a person searches under relevant criteria.  An irrecoverable royalty-fee, non-exclusive right and license to use reproduce, modify, publish derivative works from and distribute such materials or incorporate such materials into any form is given by the member to NAPIL.  NAPIL establishes a link from the member’s profile in its website to the member’s website.

A member can by paying a prescribed fee, become a Gold member, and receive leads generated on NAPIL website within his or her geographic area.   Leads are offered to the member when such leads are generated within the geographic area of the Member.  Gold membership can be terminated within seven days and refund may be demanded.  Membership is renewable every year by paying an annual fee.  A free membership may be terminated at any time, and a paid membership may be terminated by refunding the pro-rated fee charged the member.

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