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The National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA) is a trade association devoted to serve consumer debt collection law firms.  The NARCA aims at elevating debt collection law practice and ethics of consumer collection law through member networking, education, advocacy and outreach.

A group of twenty debt collection law practicing advocates met on November 1992 in New York City, to discuss how to develop retail collection business, and agreed to form the NARC.

The purpose of organization of the NARCA is to further and promote the image and function of the legal profession engaged in the collection of consumer debt, creditor rights, creditor representation in bankruptcy and related areas of the laws pertaining to consumer credit.  It focuses on educating the public and members of the credit and collection industry as to all aspects of the consumer collection industry, and provides an interchange of ideas for the members through meetings, seminars and publications.  The NARCA encourages and promotes the adoption of legislation in the various states and in the United States favorable to the consumer collection industry.  It gathers and disseminates information and material relative to consumer credit which may be valuable to the members of the Association and the general public.

The NARCA focuses on providing opportunities for member engagement within the association.  It serves the members’ professional education needs and encourages high professional standards, competency and ethics.

The NARCA has collected and compiled a number of articles aimed at helping consumers understand and manage debt, specifically credit card debt.  The association provides materials to help legal collection professionals improve their business.


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