The National Legal Aid & Defender Association (NLADA)

NLADA is the oldest and largest national, nonprofit membership association devoting 100 percent of its resources to serving the broad equal justice community.  NLADA serves the equal justice community by:

  • providing first-rate products and services; and
  • as a leading national voice in public policy and legislative debates on the many issues affecting the equal justice community.

It is a resource for those seeking more information on equal justice in the United States.  It provides and supports effective legal assistance to poor and low-income individuals in both civil and criminal matters.

Membership in NLADA is open to all individuals and organizations committed to equal access to justice for the poor.  NLADA has three types of members such as program members, individual members and corporate members.  Program members of NLADA include organizations and offices providing either civil legal aid or public defense services to low-income individuals.  Individual members include civil legal aid advocates and indigent defense lawyers, bar association leaders and staff, private practice attorneys, judges, law school clinicians and faculty, pro se facilitators, paralegals, investigators, clients, law students and private citizens who support NLADA’s mission.


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